Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Latchman Electrical Services offers full emergency lighting services to you. We provide, install, maintain and test emergency lighting. Failed your building warrant of fitness? Don't worry, we can have this sorted for you in no time.

What is emergency lighting?

An emergency lighting device is a battery backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Emergency lights are standard in new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. It is required by law to be installed in older buildings as well.

Commercial , Domestic And Residential Lighting

Latchman Electrical offers lighting services to you. We provide, install, maintain and design lighting layouts to suit your needs. As technology is evolving lighting is also, lots of people are getting left in the dark with their old lighting installations. Most use over three times as more power than other people with new updated energy efficient lighting systems.

Thinking of upgrading your old halogen down-lights to LED?

This would be a great idea if you would like to reduce your power bill! As most will know; halogen down-light lamps usually consume around 50 watts per light. Considering an LED will produce more light and only consume around 8 watt. It's a win win situation.

If you need light , we have got you sorted! Feel free to view our previous work on our photo gallery page.